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50 pods Buscaglione Dec

Price RSD17.62

Blend of Arabica with a base of Brazil Santos semi-washed sweet and round with a decaffeination treatment that does not penalize the taste and enables to fully enjoy the flavors while maintaining the caffeine lower than 0.10%.

50 pods Buscaglione...

Price RSD17.62

This is the blend that enhances the characteristics of the finest Arabica coffee. Exclusively composed of Arabica origins. From a base of Brazil, enriched by a dense and perfumed Costarica coming from rich volcanic hills and strong and spicy Guatemala. Then the classic touch of Etiopia Sidano. Medium roasting for a harmonious development of aromas.

50 Pods Buscaglione...

Price RSD16.80

This is the Espresso blend of Arabica and Robusta according to the most classic Italian tradition, composed of several washed Arabica which gives clean and fragrant tastes. A base of intense and sweet Brazil, various Central American origin Honduras, Costarica and Guatemala very sweet and full-bodied. A touch of Ethiopia Sidamo, natural Arabica, that...

150 Long Paper Pod...

Price RSD6,750.00

Special for those that love a long coffee: a cafe creme or lungo. Lungo has a coarser grind that suits a larger volume of coffee. As for our classic blend Lungo consists of Arabicas from Central America and Brazil with a touch of Ethiopian Sidamo for tartness. Washed Indian Robusta delivers intense chocolate notes. Individually packaged to ensure freshness.