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50 pods Buscaglione Dec

Price RSD13.11

Blend of Arabica with a base of Brazil Santos semi-washed sweet and round with a decaffeination treatment that does not penalize the taste and enables to fully enjoy the flavors while maintaining the caffeine lower than 0.10%.

50 pods Buscaglione...

Price RSD13.11

This is the blend that enhances the characteristics of the finest Arabica coffee. Exclusively composed of Arabica origins. From a base of Brazil, enriched by a dense and perfumed Costarica coming from rich volcanic hills and strong and spicy Guatemala. Then the classic touch of Etiopia Sidano. Medium roasting for a harmonious development of aromas.

150 Long Paper Pod...

Price RSD6,750.00

Special for those that love a long coffee: a cafe creme or lungo. Lungo has a coarser grind that suits a larger volume of coffee. As for our classic blend Lungo consists of Arabicas from Central America and Brazil with a touch of Ethiopian Sidamo for tartness. Washed Indian Robusta delivers intense chocolate notes. Individually packaged to ensure freshness.