Caffè Buscaglione is historically linked to the world of the bars, restaurants and professionals. A fundamental link to perfect the quality of Italian espresso and to spread our values in order to guarantee to the consumer a perfect product in the cup. Caffè Buscaglione is the partner ready to help and follow the customers in every aspect of the work through the offer of an excellent coffee .

Practicality and innovation are the characteristics to which we have aimed for the highest ease of use and performance customization. We particularly care about the energy savings that characterize the most exclusive espresso machines of the last generation.

  • Our coffee machines are made ad hoc in collaboration with the most qualified manufacturers
  • Professional assistance for the machines tune up and maintenance
  • Refined accessories for coffee tasting
  • Promotional Tools
  • Tailor-made software to simplify and speed up the administrative management.


  • Cafeteria Recipes
  • Bartender Training
  • Accessory Support
  • Maintenance programs on the provided equipments
  • Service of prompt technical assistance


  • Espresso Coffees Menu
  • Cafeteria Recipes
  • Bartender Buscaglione training and training courses
  • Accessory Support
  • Maintenance programs on the equipment provided
  • Service of prompt technical assistance


  • Room Service with pods, capsules or brewer machines
  • Breakfast bar service, restaurant
  • Service of the Espresso Coffees Menu
  • Conference Room Service
  • Maintenance Programs on the equipment provided
  • Service of prompt technical assistance


For any information about the products dedicated to professionals of the industry, you can refer to the contact below:

Dejan Paunovic

Contact for Ho.Re.Ca..

Email: dejan.paunovic@buscaglione.rs